Book Review: Compete, by Vera Nazarian

Compete by Vera Nazarian

Published by Smashwords Edition on August 14, 2015

Series: The Atlantis Grail, #2

Genre(s): science fiction, young adult, dystopia, fantasy

Format & Length: e-book, 517

Source: purchased

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It’s one thing to Qualify…
But do you have what it takes to Compete?

With Earth about to be destroyed by an extinction level asteroid, teenage nerd, geek, and awkward smart girl Gwen Lark, and a few of her friends and loved ones, barely Qualified for rescue onboard one of the thousands of ark-ships headed to the ancient colony planet Atlantis.

Now faced with a year-long journey in space, life in a wondrously alien environment, and many tough life choices, Gwen must decide who or what she will become. Fleet Cadet or Civilian? Friend or lover? Average or extraordinary?

Can she make new friends? Can she trust the old ones, such as Logan Sangre, her sexy high school crush and an Earth special operative?

Time and time again, Gwen’s uncanny ability to come up with the best answer in a crisis saves her life and others. And now, her unique Logos voice makes her an extremely valuable commodity to the Atlanteans — so much so that her enigmatic commanding officer Aeson Kassiopei, who is also the Imperial Prince of Atlantis, has taken an increasingly personal interest in her.

Before the end of the journey, Gwen must convince him that she has what it takes to compete in the deadly Games of the Atlantis Grail.

It’s becoming apparent — the life of her family and all of Earth depends on it.

COMPETE is the second book in The Atlantis Grail series.

section separatorSo I’ve read this book twice in two weeks. I simply couldn’t stop thinking about it and couldn’t put it down. Really, I could just leave my review at that and tell you to read it. But I won’t.

Despite a few grammar issues and a few remarks from the narrator, “But more on this later,” which I found to be completely unnecessary, Nazarian has built a story that perfectly continues from Qualify. The tone of Compete was different from Qualify, as it should be since we are now traveling through space on the way to Atlantis. This is the kind of world building that makes me want to jump inside a book. The last series that had this effect for me was Harry Potter.

I love the romance aspect of this book. And I also love how there is so much more to the story than romance. Gwen is not just a lovesick swooning teenager, but is also a curious, insightful, loyal character who comes into her own. That being said, the growing tension between Gwen and Aeson is palpable and I looked forward to every interaction between them.

All the plot twists and turns made this a fast paced read with lots of action and suspense. And the ending! I won’t give it away here. But it took me by such complete surprise, I went on over to Wattpad to preview the first few chapters of Win. The Atlantic Grail series has me hooked and I’m eagerly anticipating the release of the next book.

If you like YA, dystopia, or science fiction, try this series out.


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