Book Review: Christmas Bliss, by Mary Kay Andrews

Christmas Bliss, by Mary Kay Andrews

Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews

Published by St. Martin’s Press on October 15, 2013

Series: Weezie and Bebe Mysteries, #4

Genre(s): fiction, chick-lit, romance

Format & Length: hardcover, 294

Source: library

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Summer Rental comes a novella that celebrates love, the holidays, and antiques. Christmas is coming, but Savannah antique dealer Weezie Foley is doubly distracted both by her upcoming wedding to her longtime love, chef Daniel Stipanek and also by the fact that her best friend and maid-of-honor BeBe Loudermilk is due to give birth any day and is still adamantly refusing to marry her live-in-love Harry. Listeners have come to love these characters in Mary Kay Andrews’ three previous Savannah novels: Savannah Blues, Savannah Breeze, and Blue Christmas. Christmas Bliss offers Andrews’ legions of fans the best of many things: familiar characters, a new novella for Christmas, and a celebration of Mary Kay Andrews’ own favorite pastime — antiquing. Blue Christmas was a fan favorite, and now Christmas Bliss is sure to fly off store shelves and into the hands of Andrews’ fans in bestselling numbers.

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This was a cute, cozy, Christmas romance. And for what it was, it was fine.

I picked this up from my local library when I went to return a couple books. They had a table set up with Christmas themed books and since Christmas is my favorite season, I had to try one of their suggestions. This cover was cute and the blurb grabbed my attention, so I decided to give this a shot.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Christmas Bliss is actually the fourth book in the Weezie and Bebe Mysteries series. So I’m guessing it’s due to the fact that this is not a standalone that there wasn’t quite as much character development as I would have liked. Especially since I’m at a similar stage in life to the two main characters and was able to relate to certain events, I wanted to delve a bit deeper and get to know more about them.

Told from the dual perspectives of Weezie and Bebe, we follow these friends’ stories through the days leading up to Christmas. On the one hand, the story was fairly lighthearted with a hint of mystery and not too much drama, but on the other hand, there was a lot going on. Maybe it was the dual perspective or simply too much being packed into not enough pages, but the overall story didn’t quite feel cohesive enough for my taste.

Despite my issues with this novel, I still enjoyed it overall and might consider starting the series from the beginning someday.


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