April Reading Wrap Up

April Reading Wrap Up

When I first forayed into book blogging back in November of 2015, my original goal was to post a book review twice a month. Ha! That’s so funny to think of now, since in a rapidly accelerating cycle, the more I reviewed, the more and faster I read, which just led to more reviews, and so on. This past month I read and reviewed two books each week!

So, because I love lists and since I’ve seen many other book bloggers doing monthly recaps, I’ve decided to start doing so myself. Let’s just get into it, shall we?

section separatorBooks I read and reviewed:

Faulty Bones, by J.M. Fraser

Faulty Bones combined card playing characters with supernatural and time travel elements in an interesting way.dotted line separatorThe Idea of You, by Amanda Prowse

The Idea of You made me feel all the feels.dotted line separatorA Long Legged Life, by Wendy J. Reber

A Long Legged Life is told in a style that won’t be for everyone, but it hit all the emotions for me.dotted line separatorA Gleam of Light, by T.J. & M.L. Wolf

A Gleam of Light had a fascinating premise but lacked tension.dotted line separatorA Conjuring of Light, by V.E. Schwab

A Conjuring of Light was entertaining and closed the Shades of Magic trilogy quite neatly.dotted line separatorInk and Bone, by Rachel Caine

Ink and Bone seemed like it was written just for me: a book about books with a splash of magic, that takes place in an alternate history that seems reasonably realistic.dotted line separatorPaper and Fire, by Rachel Caine

Paper and Fire had something of a second book syndrome.dotted line separatorAsh and Quill, by Rachel Caine

Ash and Quill turned out to be book three in this now five book series, and this felt like the turning point that was necessary to hook me in to continuing on.

section separator

On the stack for next month:

May 2017 books to read

My May TBR is a combination of books I’ve wanted to read for a long time, some ARCs from NetGalley, and books I need to read because I either saw the movie or will be seeing it! (PS, Hollywood, can you please try to space your movie releases based on novels more consistently? Thanks!)

What are you reading or planning on reading next?

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