July Reading Recap

July Reading Recap

July was a great month for reading and new releases! I managed to get ahead of my planned out schedule to give myself time to reread Qualify and Compete before starting the newly released Win, which I am super excited for! And everything I read this month I rated at least a three, and actually had two five star reads! *insert mike drop here*

So let’s see the list know, shall we?

Books I read and reviewed:


I had mixed feelings on Before the Fall.


The Other Girl was a suspenseful and intriguing page turner.


Pretty Girls was gruesome, graphic, and exceptionally well written.


Fangirl was so relatable and I LOVED it!


Emma in the Night was a well written fast paced psychological thriller.


The Knockoff makes for fun and entertaining beach reading.


Broken Branches managed to really surprise me!

Blog tour:

To celebrate the release of Ash and Quill, Rachel Caine did a guest post interviewing the popular character from The Great Library series, Scholar Christopher Wolfe!

On the stack for next month:


So I apparently have a rhythm to my reading, which typically consists of one ARC and one backlist book per week. Why should August be any different? Technically, though, Win is not a backlist book, as it was just released mid-July. But I have been waiting since the moment I finished the second book in The Atlantis Grail series,Β Compete, for this one to come out, so it’s being bumped up!

What are you reading or planning on reading next?


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