Book Review: On Her Last Leg, by Wendy J. Reber

On Her Last Leg, by Wendy J. Reber

On Her Last Leg by Wendy J. Reber

Published by Wild Dreams Publishing on September 15, 2017

Series: Legs of Life, #3

Genre(s): fiction, contemporary, women’s fiction

Format & Pages: e-book, 228

Source: author

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“On Her Last Leg” depicts Renee Gregor sweeping up the fragments of her life, only to drop all the shards. She falls for the cop who responded to the 9-1-1 call. She dates, tries to get creative at work, is the victim of an armed burglary, watches her best friend battle cancer, and witnesses her boyfriend getting shot in the face. As her ailing lover adds weight to her capacity, she astonishingly discovers a baby boy; a very important and special boy. How will the last few hours play out in the emotional hell that has been tormenting her for months?

On Her Last Leg is Reber’s third book in the Legs of Life series. While there were some definite similarities to the first two books, there were also some differences.

For starters, much like the first two books, this is a glimpse into the life of the main character, Renee, an eccentric 52 year old artist, through a period of her life. None of them follow a typical story structure, but while the first two used flashbacks, this one simply followed Renee during a particular time in her life and the various ups and downs that occurred during that time.

Secondly, while On Her Last Leg explored many of the same themes of love, loss, and grief as the first two books, this one took it all a bit further. A LOT happened in this story; Renee went through quite a bit more than most people in a short period of time. Unfortunately, this one didn’t work quite as well for me. With all the drama and action going on, it took me a while to feel immersed in the story. In addition, there were a few rather explicit sex scenes, which is simply not to my personal taste.

That all being said, I sensed a significant improvement in the author’s writing here. It felt cleaner and more thought out and thoroughly planned. Upon completing the book and thinking back on it, I realized that there had been plenty of seeds for the ending planted along the way and I hadn’t even realized it at the time.

Since these are all companion novels, I’d recommend going for On Her Last Leg if you prefer plot driven stories. Just be prepared for a doozy of an ending!

*Thanks to the author for providing an arc of this edition in exchange for an honest review.


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