October Reading Wrap Up

October Reading Wrap Up

My October reading was pretty on track with what I expected. I stayed pretty close to my TBR, only pushing back one book to make room for The Dry when my brain started demanding I listen to a new audiobook. Most of the books were good, with all of them rating at least a three, but the standout for me was Stories of Your Life and Others, which I’ve been eagerly anticipating since seeing Arrival.

Ready to see the list?

section separatorBooks I read and reviewed:

Don't Wake Up, by Liz Lawler

Don’t Wake Up had an interesting premise but the plot was a bit muddled.dotted line separatorThree More Jack Reacher Novellas, by Lee Child

Three Jack Reacher Novellas had three novellas I really enjoyed but several short stories that were not fleshed out enough for my taste.dotted line separatorReading People, by Anne Bogel

Reading People is a great jumping off point for learning about personality types.dotted line separatorStories of Your Life and Others, by Ted Chiang

Stories of Your Life and Others was a brilliant and thought-provoking short story collection! It’s title story, Story of Your Life, was the basis of the movie Arrival that was released in 2016.dotted line separatorArtemis, by Andy Weir

Artemis was an entertaining caper with an amusing cast of characters.dotted line separatorCrypt of Bone, by J.F. Penn

Crypt of Bone, the second book in the Arkane series, had an exciting plot and bore a startling resemblance to Dan Brown’s Inferno.dotted line separatorThe Dry, by Jane Harper

The Dry was an atmospheric, suspenseful, slow burn of a mystery.dotted line separatorThe Sacrifice, by Indrajit Garai

The Sacrifice was a thought-provoking and emotionally laden collection of short stories.

section separator

On the stack for next month:


I’m SO excited for ALL of these books! Okay, so technically I actually read The Wife Between Us back in September… but I’m so excited to be a part of the blog tour and post my review in November, I had to include it here! I also technically already read The Bat in October because I’m impatient and I somehow thought it might be possible to read the first seven books in Nesbø’s Harry Hole series in a two to three week period before seeing The Snowman in theaters? #epicfail. I don’t know what I was thinking. Then there’s the re-read of Murder on the Orient Express that I’ve been planning ever since finding out about the new movie adaptation back in May. And I received an ARC of Force of Nature from Flatiron Books last week, which I’m pumped to read after just finishing The Dry! It’s going to be a great month of books and movies.

What are you reading or planning on reading next?



5 thoughts on “October Reading Wrap Up

  1. You’ve read so many awesome titles! I have a copy of Stories of Your Life and Others and can’t wait to see what the original story was like compared to the movie Arrival. I also have been meaning to pick up my first Jo Nesbo book since… forever! The Bat is such a priority yet I don’t have a copy of that one.. I do have The Son and I know it’ll be adapted into a movie in the near future, so I think that would be a nice start for me! Hope you enjoy all the books you plan on reading in November, Nicole!! 😀

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    1. Thanks, Lashaan! Stories of Your Life and Others was just SO good!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I felt the same way about Jo Nesbo, I actually borrowed The Bat as an ebook from my library’s digital catalog. I haven’t read The Son but have heard good things… looking forward to seeing what you think of it! Happy reading! 😊

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