Spring Reading Recommendations

Spring 2018 Reading Recs

Now that February has blown past, it feels like we are on the cusp of spring and I, for one, cannot wait! The hint of warmth in the air, more sunny days, and even the smell of spring is all around, enticing me to come out of my winter hibernation mode. With these changes, I find myself looking to read certain types or genres of books this time of year. Today I have five books in particular to recommend reading this spring.

Ready to see them?

section separatorReady Player One, by Ernest Cline

I had to start with Ready Player One as the new movie adaptation is set to release March 29th! This science fiction novel follows Wade as he goes on a treasure hunt. But not just any treasure hunt. In this futuristic setting, the world relies on the OASIS, a massive multiplayer online virtual reality that humanity disappears into on a daily basis, and its creator has hidden his fortune somewhere. With plenty of eighties references, this book is refreshingly geeky and you should read it before going to see the movie!dotted line separatorEligible, by Curtis Sittenfeld

Maybe it’s just me, but I love a good contemporary book for spring. Eligible is not just a contemporary story, though; a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, this book is full of satire and depth. With plenty of dry humor, this is a fun, witty, and engaging read that you can sink your teeth into.dotted line separatorThe Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein

Another contemporary, The Art of Racing in the Rain is a poignant study of human life through the eyes of a dog named Enzo. A story of family, love, loyalty, and hope, this beautifully written book will make you both laugh and cry. Recommended for those who especially enjoy reading stories about dogs or who are looking for a new and interesting perspective.dotted line separatorOne for the Money, by Janet Evanovich

The first book in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, One for the Money is a fun mystery with a sassy heroine. This light and fast paced novel is just so entertaining and easy to read, it sets the tone for plenty of adventures to come. Fans of chick lit are sure to love this combination of humor, mystery, and romance. (As a New Jersey native, I am a bit biased as I love a story that takes place in my home state!)dotted line separatorSurprise Me, by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella’s newest release, Surprise Me did actually manage to surprise me. What starts out as your typical chick lit turns a corner into a bit of suspense and depth that I did not expect. Fans of this author will find her typical charm and humor throughout these pages. Witty and surprisingly touching, this is a great lighthearted palette cleanser to wave off the winter blues.section separator

There you have my spring reading recommendations for 2018! I’d love to hear from you if any of these books are on your TBR or if you’ve already read them. If you’re a seasonal reader, what are your favorite books to read in the spring?

7 thoughts on “Spring Reading Recommendations

  1. The Plum series is a cute, easy read. I’ve read the first four and have plans to continue. I seem to throw one into the mix from time to time. I really need to pick up a Sophie Kinsella book one day, I’ve heard great things about her books.

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  2. Love this! I really enjoyed Ready Player One and have had my eye on Surprise Me for a bit 🙂 I’m a big atmospheric reader in the winter, but that’s about as seasonal as I get 🙈

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