Like This? Try That! Indie Edition #1

Like this? Try that! Indie Edition

For this edition of Like this? Try that! I want to focus on some books that are independently published. To clarify, I am going to be talking about anything that is not published by one of the major publishing companies. So these will run the range from books that are self-published to those published by small presses. Today I have three indie book series to recommend based on popular book series in a range of genres.

Ready to see them?

section separatorLike This? Try That! Angels & Demons - Stone of FireDan Brown’s Robert Langdon series took the world by storm, starting with Angels and Demons, going on to become a popular movie series as well. The vibe of J.F. Penn’s Arkane series, beginning with Stone of Fire, parallels those books, with plenty of action and intrigue usually surrounding a puzzle and weaving history and fact through fiction seamlessly.

The resemblance between these series is a bit uncanny. Although they do have their differences, I found the second Arkane book, Crypt of Bone, to bear a startling likeness to Dan Brown’s Inferno (but for what it’s worth, Penn published her book first so it’s clearly not a copycat). The covers of these books also look remarkably similar. If you’re a fan of Robert Langdon and are looking for something new, give the Arkane series a shot!dotted line separator

Like This? Try That! Divergent - Qualify

Back when I first read Qualify, I described it as Interstellar meets The Hunger Games meets Divergent. Since I had to pick one of those series this would be most like, though, Divergent won. This young adult dystopian takes the idea of teens fighting for their lives to a whole new level, adding a rich mythical history and possible future. While both of these series have high overall ratings on Goodreads, they also both have camps of readers who either love or hate them. If you are in the camp that loved Divergent, you might just love The Atlantis Grail series too!dotted line separatorLike This? Try That! One for the Money - Hazardous DutyIt’s been a bit since I’ve picked up a book from Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, but when I started reading Hazardous Duty, the first book in the Squeaky Clean Mysteries series, that was the immediate comparison I made. Both series feature strong and sassy female protagonists who stumble into mysteries they try to solve. Both are laugh out loud, fun chick lit. I will mention that Hazardous Duty is Christian fiction and therefore has a running theme of God and faith. But if that doesn’t bother you and you’re a Stephanie Plum fan, you just might also like the Squeaky Clean Mysteries series.

section separatorSo, there you have three my indie book series recommendations based on popular book series! Have you seen or read any of these? What are your thoughts on them? 

3 thoughts on “Like This? Try That! Indie Edition #1

  1. “anything that is not published by one of the major publishing companies. So these will run the range from books that are self-published to those published by small presses”

    Madam, that is one of the best definitions, articulated rather well too, of just what most people, myself included, think an Indie is. More writers should take note and act accordingly!

    And for the record, the gnostic apocrypha clearly predicts that Dan Brown stole everything he was going to write 😉


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