Book Review: The Sky Drifter, by Paris Singer

The Sky Drifter, by Paris Singer

The Sky Drifter by Paris Singer

Published by Booktrope Editions on August 27, 2015

Series: n/a

Genre(s): fiction, science fiction, young adult

Format & Length: e-book, 223

Source: author

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Wandering in the vastness of space, is the Sky Drifter; an academy reserved for the best students in the known universe. Seven is just such a student. Gifted in strategy and Sphere, he lives happily on-board with his friends Iris and Pi, taking on his rival, visiting planets for exploration and competition. Everything is the way he likes it, until he sees a mysterious girl in a red coat, who will reveal to him a secret that will bring everything he thought he knew crashing down around him.

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Quite an intriguing story, The Sky Drifter is a young adult science fiction book that follows a boy in a spacecraft academy reserved for the best students in the known universe.

This starts out in the middle of an action scene that both pulls the reader in and leaves them wondering just what is going on here. And then, abruptly, it is morning. And Seven, the main character, is being woken up by a friend banging on his door so that he won’t be late for school. At this point, the story sets up a rhythm of high school dynamics that are familiar regardless of the fact that they are in space, and all the drama that goes along with it. But not everything is as it appears in The Sky Drifter.

There are a remarkable number of parallels here to other very popular stories. (As much as I want to mention them, I don’t want to skew anyone’s perception of this beforehand or give away spoilers.) However, Singer has taken these concepts and turned them into a story that stands all on its own once it gets going. That storytelling and the incredibly rich and imaginative world that is built in these pages were my favorite aspects of this book.

I did have a couple issues while reading this book. The first was the pacing, which started out strong and then dwindled in the middle before ramping up very quickly to the end. The second was a writing style that wasn’t entirely to my taste. I found myself rewording sentences in my head to vary the structure and make them flow more smoothly. I do think another round of editing would have helped tighten up both aspects to make this an even more pleasurable read.

That being said, I had a lot of fun reading The Sky Drifter! The ending left me curious to know what happens next, and I’d most certainly pick up a sequel if the author decides to continue this story.

*Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this edition in exchange for an honest review.


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