October Reading Wrap Up

October Reading Wrap UpOctober was an… interesting reading month. I’m not entirely sure how, but I managed to read 10 books in total, which is a lot more than typical for me. On the other hand, many of them were various degrees of middling. I don’t know if I’m getting pickier the more I read and review, or if it was just a coincidence of timing.

During this month I also started to feel my reading mood change. As much as I love a fast paced thriller, I find myself craving more classics and longer books to immerse myself in. Maybe it’s the change of season, maybe my tastes are changing as I get older, or maybe I just read too many new thrillers all at once and need a break. Regardless of the reason, I’m going to start incorporating more books that are longer or have stood the test of time in my rotation. I do like to read from a wide variety of genres, though, and don’t see that changing anytime soon so you won’t see too much of a change in the blog overall.

Anyway. I’m ready to talk about the books I read and reviewed this month now, how about you?


Books I reviewed:

The Ice Twins, by S.K. Tremayne

The Ice Twins started out with a lot of promise but disappointed me in the end.
dotted line separatorThe Darkness, by Ragnar JonassonI really enjoyed the atmosphere, characters, and mystery in The Darkness.

dotted line separatorTangerine, by Christine ManganI found the exploration of obsession in Tangerine to be interesting but the execution of this story was not to my taste.
dotted line separatorPhantom Wheel, by Tracy DeebsPhantom Wheel was a fun and fast paced young adult technology thriller.
dotted line separatorVox, by Christina DalcherThe writing in Vox kept me gripped and thinking about it long after finishing.
dotted line separatorElai Nelson and the Prophecy of the Child, by Michael BanElai Nelson and the Prophecy of the Child had humor, wit, and loads of pop culture references, making this a lot of fun to read.dotted line separatorStalking Jack the Ripper, by Kerri ManiscalcoStalking Jack the Ripper was an entertaining audiobook that was easy to listen to.
dotted line separatorStill Life, by Louise PennyStill Life didn’t quite live up to my expectations but I did enjoy its study of human nature.

Books I read but haven’t reviewed:

Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom

Tuesdays with Morrie is a short book full of wisdom and made me laugh, cry, and reflect on how I live my life.
dotted line separatorWildcard, by Marie LuWildcard disappointed me; this didn’t live up to the expectations I had after enjoying Warcross so much.dotted line separatorAversion, by Kenechi UdoguThe first novella in The Mentalist series, I didn’t dislike Aversion but I wanted more from it.

Other posts this month:

10 Awesome Audiobooks You Won't Want to Put Down

I love a good audiobook! In 10 Awesome Audiobooks You Won’t Want to Put Down, I talk about the books I listened to and felt that the narration really added to the reading experience. Check out this list HERE.


On the stack for next month:

November 2018 TBR

For the next month I’m looking forward to continue reading atmospheric books for the fall! Split between review copies and just for fun books in a variety of genres, this is just the kind of balance I like to see in my TBR. And you know I can’t help but want to read books that were turned into movies, so I’m excited to pick up The Hate U Give after recently seeing the movie!

What are you reading or planning on reading next?

5 thoughts on “October Reading Wrap Up

    1. Ha! I requested both the audio and the print version and the print was available first, so that’s why I chose it, and now I’m glad because I’ve had a few audiobooks recently that seemed to drag on. I’d love to read your review after, I don’t want it to bias my opinion going in, any more than it would be already from seeing the movie.


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