5 Habits To Help You Read More

5 habits to help you read more

It’s that time of year when everyone starts thinking about New Year’s resolutions! Being a bookish person, I tend to hear many people say that one of their resolutions is to read more.

Obviously I think reading is a wonderful pursuit. But I would never tell someone how much they should read. That’s an entirely personal choice. Some might be happy to read one book a year while others won’t be content unless they read a hundred. (Or more!)

That all being said, I have some tips for you if you’ve made the choice that you’d like to read more in the upcoming year. Ready to see them?

section separatorSet a reminder.

Make an appointment with yourself to read at specific times. This could mean putting it on your to-do list, setting an alarm for the same time every day, or blocking out time on your calendar. However you choose, though, treat it with the same significance you would for anything else that’s important to you. Would you blow off your best friend’s birthday to binge watch Netflix or scroll through Instagram? If you consider your reading time to be a priority, make that time non-negotiable.

Start small.

Maybe your goal is to read War and Peace, but you don’t have to read it all in one week! Start by adding an extra page or two or a few extra minutes every time you pick up your book. If you read every day and add two pages each day, that’s an extra 730 pages in one year!

Always have a book with you.

Do you ever find yourself waiting for someone and spending those minutes mindlessly playing with your phone? If you always carry a book with you, that could be reading time! Some books can get pretty heavy to lug around, so this is particularly useful if you’re open to an e-reader or even using apps on your phone.

Set a goal.

And track it! Breaking your goal down into smaller chunks helps. For example, if you want to read War and Peace, you could create a schedule for yourself of how many pages you need to read every day or week to complete it in a given amount of time. Then track how much you actually do read each day. You can always reassess if your original schedule doesn’t wind up working!

Read different genres/formats in different settings.

I know many people who can only read one book at a time, but this is for those who like to have a few books going at once. I personally find it helpful to read different formats and genres to keep better track of them. So this might mean I’m listening to a nonfiction audiobook on my commute, reading a mystery paperback on my lunch break or before bed, and reading a fantasy on my phone when I have time to fill. You might also consider reading fiction during the day and nonfiction before bed so you can fall asleep easier. However you decide to do it, this can help to keep the books separate in your head.

section separatorIs reading more one of your goals for the upcoming year? These are just five habits that can help! What other tips do you have for someone who wants to read more? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “5 Habits To Help You Read More

  1. The idea of making reading as much a priority as anything else is something that is at the core of my personal reading philosophy. I don’t think that my reading is “just going to happen”. I have to choose whether to read or watch tv or youtube, etc. By now I’ve pretty much made reading my first choice any time I have spare time, but it has been years in the making…

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