January Reading Wrap Up

January Reading Wrap UpI don’t know what it’s like where you live, but January by me got way too cold! So naturally, I spent plenty of time snuggled up with a blanket and a book. (Along with plenty of Netflix time as well, who am I kidding??) The majority of the books I read were middle of the road for me, with a few notable standouts. Overall it wasn’t a bad reading month but I’m hoping February is even better!

Ready to see the books I read and reviewed this month?


Books I reviewed:

Hercule Poirot's Christmas, by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas wasn’t my favorite Christie novel but it was exactly what I was looking to read over the holidays.
dotted line separatorThe Gilded Wolves, by Roshani ChokshiThe Gilded Wolves wasn’t necessarily an easy read but it was rewarding.
dotted line separatorHappiness is a Collage, by Gita V. ReddyHappiness is a Collage was a satisfying collection of short stories that explore people and their relationships through the lens of Indian culture.

dotted line separatorAll We Ever Wanted, by Emily GiffinAll We Ever Wanted was a middle of the road read for me, but I seem to be in the minority; many others have loved this book.

dotted line separatorWuthering Heights, by Emily BronteIt’s hard to say that I enjoyed Wuthering Heights but this dark story did intrigue me.
dotted line separator

The Mentalist Series was a paranormal YA romance series that may not have been my favorite of all time but it explored some unique and interesting ideas.

Books I read but haven’t reviewed:

Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker

Why We Sleep was a thorough exploration of sleep and its many aspects, full of scientific fact, theory, and study and was also highly engaging.
dotted line separatorPast Due for Murder, by Victoria GilbertPast Due For Murder wasn’t my favorite book in this mystery series to date, but it was enjoyable.

Other posts this month:

Top 10 books I'm anticipating most for 2019

In Top 10 Books I’m Anticipating Most For 2019, I shared the ten books that are due to be published in 2019 that I’m most excited for. To see the full list, click HERE.
dotted line separatorHow much do you read?Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the reading goals I’d set for myself in 2018, what worked, what didn’t, and what I’d like to do differently in 2019, which sent me into a spiral of internet research on how much the average person reads. To see this full post, click HERE.


On the stack for next month:

February 2019 TBR

In my decision to focus on quality over quantity, I’ve decided to keep my upcoming TBRs to six books at a time. If I happen to read more, that’s great, but I’m hoping this will help me be more particular with my choices. For February, I have two review copies, two library books, and two books that I own and want to read on deck. These run the range from YA fantasy to new adult and nonfiction to historical fiction, and I’m looking forward to all of them!

What are you reading or planning on reading next?

2 thoughts on “January Reading Wrap Up

  1. Great post!

    I saw The Painted Veil movie years ago, I didn’t realize it was a book adaptation. I just finished reading To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. Currently reading Love, Simon.


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