5 Apps to Enhance Your Reading

5 Apps to Enhance Your Reading

I know there are many readers out there who only like to read print books. And I get it. There is something about the weight of the book and turning the pages that an electronic device just doesn’t have. But on the other hand, there is the incredible convenience factor of an e-reader in that you have access to so many books with just one lightweight device.

Today I’m taking this idea even a step further. Not only do I use (and love!) a nook, I also read on my phone quite a bit. And there are a variety of apps that I like to use. Of course, there are always the nook and kindle apps, which sync to your device if you have one, or you can even download to your phone for free without needing the actual device if you prefer. But in this post, I’d like to talk about five more specific apps that can enhance your reading life. (None of these are affiliate links in any way, they are all simply apps that I’ve used and liked personally.)

Ready to see them?

section separatorBookShout app iconFor the reader who loves data, I’ve seen BookShout described as “Fitbit for books.” You can set a reading goal, and it tracks your reading speed and progress to let you know how much you need to read to reach your goal. And you earn BookShout Bucks just for reading, which you can then apply to future purchases.
Available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire HD, and nook

dotted line separatorOverdrive app iconOverdrive lets you connect to your library’s digital catalog of e-books and audiobooks by inputting your library card. You can borrow books, place holds, and (my favorite function) create a wishlist, which can then be sorted by all titles or just by what is currently available. You can also recommend titles that you’d like your library to purchase, and if they do, you’ll get automatically put at the top of the holds list!
Available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire HD

dotted line separatorLibby app iconLibby is a newer app released by Overdrive. You don’t need one to use the other, but I like to use them hand in hand. I prefer Overdrive’s search and wishlist functions but download and read all the books I borrow through Libby. You might prefer Libby’s more modern interface though, so definitely check it out!
Available on iOS, Android

dotted line separatorSerial Reader app iconSerial Reader delivers classic books to your phone in 20 minute chunks each day. Simply select the book of your choice and the time of day you’d like to receive it. It is free but there is an option to pay $2.99 to unlock additional features, including reading ahead and adding notes and highlights. This is a great app to help you tackle some of those longer and more daunting classics you’ve been putting off for ages.
Available on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

dotted line separatorMission 119 app iconTime to get even more specific – this one’s for anyone who’s ever wanted to try to read the Bible. Mission 119 breaks it down into small chunks, for five days a week over the course of 91 weeks. There are a few extra features in this app that I love. First, if you find your eyes glazing over while reading, there is an option to listen to it instead, and the narration is well done. Second, each day has a section for listening to a brief commentary on the reading of the day to get a better understanding of it. And lastly, for any section that you find particularly interesting, there is an option to dig deeper which provides further reading if you so choose.
Available on iOS, Android

section separatorThere you have five apps to help enhance your reading! I’d love to hear from you if use any of these. If not, are there other apps you use for reading? I’d love to know what they are – let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “5 Apps to Enhance Your Reading

  1. I personally like Libby. You see a little dark dot coming when a chapter is about to end, so you know you can pause your audio book. Otherwise, I have trouble stopping a book in a good place, and if the audio book goes past where I want, it’s hard to see where I can back it up to.

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