Like This? Try That! Dystopian Edition #1

Like This? Try That! Dystopian Edition #1

For this edition of Like This? Try That!, I want to focus on some dystopian books. I find that this genre as a whole can be polarizing, possibly more than most due to the way it explores and dramatizes social and political structures. But I personally think there is something to be gained from reading these books and examining their commentary. Today I have three recommendations of new(er) dystopian books based on other popular dystopians.

Ready to see my picks?

section separatorLike This? Try That! Ready Player One - WarcrossIn both Ready Player One and Warcross, a virtual reality game has been created and has turned into how the world spends the majority of their time. They each take that idea and explore it in their own separate ways but the jumping off concept is quite similar. What they also both have in common is a fun and immersive reading experience!
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Like This? Try That! The Handmaid's Tale - Vox

Both The Handmaid’s Tale and Vox suppose a potential future in which women are deemed to be “less than” and oppressed. Although the form of oppression takes place in different ways, there is a clear comparison to be made here. These books feel eerily possible and are quite thought-provoking.   dotted line separator

Like This? Try That! The Circle - The Warehouse

Both The Circle and The Warehouse explore the concept of mega-corporations that our culture comes to rely on. Each book could potentially be direct comparisons to existing companies we all know but the ideas can be extrapolated as they make a commentary about our current society and possible future. They also both tack on a thriller element for readers looking for a little extra action in their reading.
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So, there you have three of my dystopian book recommendations based on other popular dystopians! Have you seen or read any of these? What are your thoughts on them? 

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