August Reading Wrap Up

August 2019 Reading Wrap UpAugust was a month of transition for me. Between stopping full time work, prepping for baby, and baby’s final arrival (over a week after my due date!), a lot changed over these 31 days.

With everything going on, I’m not surprised that I wound up reading less than usual. And without a half hour commute to and from work every day, my audiobook consumption was next to nothing – which hasn’t happened for me in quite some time! Overall though, I’m happy with what I read in August. I rated each book at least a three and happened upon one that will definitely make my favorites for the year!

Ready to see what I read and reviewed?


Books I reviewed:

The Long Call, by Ann Cleeves

The Long Call wasn’t entirely to my taste but it was well done.
dotted line separatorMaybe in Another LifeMaybe in Another Life was an altogether enjoyable reading experience with some depth.
dotted line separatorEvery Last Lie, by Mary KubicaEvery Last Lie was a compelling slow burn character driven suspense.

dotted line separatorPretty Guilty Women, by Gina LaMannaPretty Guilty Women was entertaining and a lot of fun to read!

dotted line separatorA Window Opens, by Elisabeth EganA Window Opens was relevant and relatable but I’m not sure it brought anything new to the table.
dotted line separator29 Seconds, by T.M. Logan29 Seconds was a taut, intense, and entertaining thriller.dotted line separatorArmada, by Ernest ClineArmada wasn’t as good as Ready Player One but the audio was a fun listening experience.


Books I read but haven’t reviewed:

From the Corner of the Oval, by Beck Dorey-Stein

I really enjoyed the author’s writing style in From the Corner of the Oval but could have done with a little less detail of her personal life.dotted line separatorThe Golden Compass, by Philip PullmanThe Golden Compass wasn’t my favorite book but it was interesting and entertaining.dotted line separatorMagpie Murders, by Anthony HorowitzI absolutely loved Magpie Murders!


Other posts this month:

Like This? Try That! Dystopian Edition #1

In Like This? Try That! Dystopian Edition #1 I recommend three new(er) books to check out if you like three other popular dystopians. Read the full blog post HERE.


On the stack for next month:

September 2019 TBR

Much like August, I have no idea what to expect for my September reading. I’m focusing on picking books from my own shelves that I haven’t yet read and am hoping to simply enjoy whatever I do get the chance to pick up. These are some I think I might fancy reading soon but I’ll be deciding everything entirely in the moment based on my current mood, so who knows whether I’ll stick to them or not!

What are you reading or planning on reading next?

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