Like This? Try That! 90s Movie Edition

Like This? Try That! 90s Movie Edition

For this edition of Like This? Try That!, we’re going to talk about books you might enjoy if you liked certain movies. Today I’m focusing on movies that were released in the late nineties, so if you love movies from that time these recommendations are for you! As far as genre goes, we’re looking at a range from romantic comedy/drama to science fiction and crime thriller. They also run the gamut from older releases to new and include an independently published title. With plenty of variety here, hopefully there will be something you like!

Ready to see my picks?

section separatorLike this? Try that! Sliding Doors - Maybe in Another LifeBoth Sliding Doors and Maybe in Another Life deal with the same concept: how do small changes affect our lives? A particular moment is chosen in each story, after which we follow the heroine in parallel storylines to see how one small change can have a ripple effect to alter her life in both small and large ways. If you liked Sliding Doors, check out Maybe in Another Life!
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Like this? Try that! The Matrix - The Game

Science fiction stories The Matrix and The Game both ask the question, What is the true nature of reality? In these stories, life as we know it is an artificial simulation and reality is something different altogether. Although The Game is geared more towards young adults, if you liked The Matrix and its premise, you may also enjoy The Game.
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Like this? Try that! The Thomas Crown Affair - Just Watch Me

When I read Just Watch Me, various aspects reminded me of different movies I’ve seen, but the strongest resemblance was to The Thomas Crown Affair. These stories follow men who like to steal things, technically bad guys but you want to root for them. They also both have an irreverent and sexy tone that makes for compulsive consumption – you won’t want to put them down!
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So, there you have three book recommendations based on nineties movies! Have you seen or read any of these? What are your thoughts on them? 

3 thoughts on “Like This? Try That! 90s Movie Edition

  1. Have you ever watched the original Thomas Crowne Affair? I just recently watched the one with Brosnan in it and I didn’t even realize it was a remake until a friend told me it was. I’m interested in the first one because it stars Steve McQueen 🙂

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