How Do You Track Your Reading?

How do you track your reading_The new year is a time known for reflecting on the past twelve months and setting new resolutions for the upcoming year. As this past year came to a close, I began considering what was working for me and what wasn’t, specifically in regards to tracking my reading.

For someone who loves consistency, I’ve had a difficult time keeping up with any particular system over the years. I’ve gone through periods of not keeping track at all to a basic list in a notebook to a complex spreadsheet.

Since finding Goodreads in 2014, that has been the one place where I am consistent, logging every book I read (or don’t finish!), along with my rating and the genre(s) the book fits in. This is also where I keep track of the books I want to read, those that are available from my local library, and the books I own and haven’t read yet. And this works for me.

But every so often, I get the urge to track my books somewhere else as well. Since I grew up in a time before the internet was ubiquitous, I always wonder what would happen if the internet went down. The technology we have available at our fingertips is amazing, and I, like many others, can no longer imagine life without a smartphone. But that little niggling what if in the back of my mind is still there.

So this year, I’m contemplating a second place to track the books I read. Perhaps I’ll start a reading journal or invest in some time setting up a spreadsheet. I still haven’t decided. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject! Do you track your reading? And if so, how?

18 thoughts on “How Do You Track Your Reading?

  1. I also track my reading on GoodReads. But I also use my own exccel document! Here I just track the things I’m interested in! Basic things like title, author. But also: gender, Age group, genre, format, source, series etc! This excel document is definitely inspired by other excel documents I’ve seen around!
    The best thing about my own excel document, is that I can adjust it however I want to! I’ve been using it since 2017, and I’ve been adding things every year!


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  2. I track all my reading on Goodreads but I also use a separate spreadsheet for both reading and blogging so I know when to post reviews etc. I do have a bullet journal but don’t write about books there. I guess it’s all about finding a way which suits your needs. Have a look around for ideas and try them out, it’s the only way to find out which ways suits you best 🙂

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  3. I, too, am a diehard Goodreads tracker. However, I also track my reading goals and top-level TBRs in a bullet journal, and I have a “reading companion” notebook I use to track annotations about any book I’m reading to discuss, review, or recommend. Does it sound fussy? Sure does! But for keeping myself motivated and on track, and for meaningfully engaging with the work I’m reading, it can’t be beat!

    Hope you find the method(s) that work(s) for you! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Be sure to let us know.

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  4. Online I use wordpress and librarything and blogspot (redundancy) but offline I use a program called Calibre. It is a free ebook management program (kind of like itunes, but for ebooks) and it fits my needs perfectly. The developer has been active since 2007’ish and is still going strong, so I don’t see it not working for years to come. Plus, I can export data into a csv file if I ever need to migrate to another program.

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      1. The nice thing about calibre is that it is completely customizable with a ton of plugins and there is an active forum where the developer helps people out and others who are calibre guru’s help people out. Best piece of free software I’ve ever used.

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