Book Review: The Atlantis Bloodline, by C.A. Gray

The Atlantis Bloodline, by C.A. Gray

The Atlantis Bloodline by C.A. Gray

Published by C.A. Gray on March 2, 2020

Series: n/a

Genre(s): fiction, young adult

Format & Length: e-book, 480

Source: author

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When sweet Ada Edwards meets the mysterious Kaison Hughes, lead singer of the biggest band in the world, she can’t understand what he sees in her. Despite everyone’s warnings about him, she’s rapidly falling in love. But it’s obvious he has a secret, and he’s not all he appears to be.

Kai’s life isn’t his own, and his fame isn’t the half of it. As a member of a secret organization known as the Elioud, descended from the Atlantean daughters of the Pleiades, he’s been commissioned with a task: to reintegrate the lost line of Maia into their ranks. It just so happens that Ada is the one they’ve been looking for. He doesn’t know what they intend to do to her, and he doesn’t care. All he wants is the prize for a successful mission: one unqualified wish, which he intends to spend on his beloved sister’s freedom.

There’s just one problem: Kai’s falling in love with Ada, too.

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The Atlantis Bloodline is a young adult book that merges contemporary romance with fantasy in a unique way. 

I’m not entirely sure what it is about the Atlantis mythology that intrigues me so much, but when I see a book that incorporates elements of it into a fictional story, I am there for it. So the premise of The Atlantis Bloodline hooked me instantly and I was curious to see how it would play out. 

This follows a few perspectives, including Ada and Kai, as they meet and fall for each other. First the reader watches everything unfold from Ada’s point of view. Then it jumps back to Kai’s backstory up to the point where Ada’s perspective left off. While I understand the reasons for this structure, it didn’t quite work for me. Some of the parts from both perspectives that recounted the same events felt redundant, and other aspects of Kai’s story that I found to be particularly interesting were glossed over. That is probably because that wasn’t the story the author was telling, but I wanted more of it nonetheless. The events after these points of view merge rapidly gain in tension and action, and also add another perspective into the mix. 

A lot happens in The Atlantis Bloodline. I appreciate that it’s a standalone in a sea of trilogies but it does try to do a lot in one story. I personally wouldn’t have minded even more story and detail to extend this into a larger saga type book. 

I had some mixed feelings about The Atlantis Bloodline but enjoyed watching the concept play out. This isn’t the first book I’ve read by C.A. Gray and I find the ideas her books are based on to be extremely compelling. This may not be my favorite book by this author but I would be interested to see what she does next. 

*Thanks to the author for providing an advance copy of this edition in exchange for an honest review.


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