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Hey, friends. A couple weeks ago I shared how book blogging has changed how I read, in which I shared how it’s become harder to remember the books I read and how I’m trying to find blogging/life balance.

After thinking about it for some time now, I’ve come to the realization that this is the end of the road for me. I simply don’t have the time or energy to keep up with work, a baby, a house, and a life along with book blogging anymore. That said, it’s been a fantastic four and a half years – thank you to all the other bloggers who have made this a fun space to talk about books. I will miss you! For anyone looking to stay in touch, I’ll still be on Goodreads, or feel free to message me if you want to keep in touch via email.

Wishing you all the best. Happy reading!

Quiz: What Book Should I Read Next? Summer 2020

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Readers of this blog will know by now that I love a good seasonal book list. A few weeks ago, I shared a list of five page turners to pick up this summer with books published last fall and winter. But today I wanted to do something a bit different.

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Book Blogging Changed How I Read (and not for the best)

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I recently took a trip down memory lane and glanced back through the list of books I’ve read since I first started tracking my reading in late 2012. As I skimmed through the titles, something struck me. For the first few years after I began tracking my reading, I remembered something about every book, whether it was the plot, a character I particularly connected with, or a specific memory of reading the book. But as time passed, this happened less and less. And I wondered, how can I remember the books I read several years ago but not those I picked up more recently? 

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May Reading Wrap Up

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May seemed to both last forever and simultaneously spring by. It’s a big month in our house as it encompasses my wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday. Normally this means a lot of meals out for us, but this year things looked somewhat different. We still celebrated with some special meals but just enjoyed them at home instead.

This month was also excellent for my reading life! Three of the books I read were so good they made my favorites list, which has never happened before. Let’s just drop the mic there and move on to see the books.

Ready to see what I read and reviewed?

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3 Books to Read if You Like And Then There Were None

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And Then There Were None is one of my all time favorite mysteries, and it makes the list of my favorite books as well. I’ve ready plenty of mysteries (and plenty of Agatha Christie books) in my day, but this particular book stands out in my mind. Not only was this the first “closed room” mystery I recall reading, but it was also one of the first times I wasn’t able to guess whodunnit. And it blew my mind.

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Thoughts on Reading Challenges

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Reading challenges are something many of us think about at the start of a new season—most commonly at the new year, summer, and the start of school. With spring in full swing and schools coming to a close in the next month or so, numerous reading challenges have popped onto my radar. This prompted me to think back on my own experience and I wanted to take some time today to discuss them.

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5 Page Turners to Pick Up This Summer

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Well, it’s that time of year again. The weather is warming and after weeks of not doing much of anything, I’m itching to spend some time lazing on the beach with a book to bury my nose in for a few hours. The jury’s still out on whether we’ll actually be able to enjoy the beach, but books will always be there!

This season, I’m yearning for fast paced books that won’t let me put them down. So that’s what I’m sharing here today. This list is heavy on thrillers (simply given their nature), but I’ve tried to round it out a bit, so you’ll find psychological thriller to legal thriller and even a romance. All of these books have been published within the last six or seven months, so they should be easy to find to purchase online (or from your library’s e-book catalog, if you’re into that).

Ready to see the books?

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April Reading Wrap Up

In April I read exactly six books, and they were all the books I had planned on reading this month. Although I usually plan out the books I want to read for the next month, it practically never happens! Either library books come available or my mood takes me elsewhere. But this time, I stuck with my plan exactly.

I think my need for structure kicked in this month. Hubby, baby, and I began to find a routine that worked well (which will change again soon, I’m sure), but at the end of each day, I still couldn’t tell you what we all did. In setting a plan and sticking to it, I found that I could deal with the spontaneous better. And that seemed to bleed into my reading as well.

Overall, the books I read in April were excellent! I rated most a four, which means I found them to be very well done and would seriously consider re-reading at some point. Not bad, right?

Ready to see what I read and reviewed?

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How My (Reading) Life Changed After Having a Baby

Everyone says that life changes after having a baby. When you’re expecting, friends, family, and complete strangers attempt to tell you how. Some may be right and some will be wrong. (Thank goodness! So many people warned me how little sleep I would get but I was blessed with a great little sleeper.) But they are right about one thing – life changes after having a baby. In more ways that you might think.

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12 Long Books to Lose Yourself In

12 Long Books to Lose Yourself In

We all go through phases in our lives, and let’s be honest, they can strongly dictate changes in our reading lives. Sometimes, you just need a short book to speed through. Other times, you need a long book that you can fully immerse yourself in for a lengthy escape.

Recently I’ve been feeling the urge to pick up some of my longer books. I want to lose myself in a story for days, weeks, maybe even months. I’ve even been planning ways to add time into my reading schedule to allow myself to read such books without the distraction of exciting new arcs. (Which involves a lot of advance planning after my trigger happy requesting finger!)

So today I have twelve books to share with you. These are all a minimum of 500 pages, several of which are closer to 700, and some rounding in around the 1,000 page mark! And more than half of these are also the first book in a series, so if you find something you like, you can continue the reading experience for plenty of time.

Ready to see the books?

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