August Reading Wrap Up

August 2018 Reading Wrap UpAugust was a fantastic reading month! I was looking forward to all of the books I’d planned to pick up this month and wound up enjoying all of them. After getting ahead on my TBR back in July, it was great to actually read everything I wanted to this month and still have time to pick up other books just for fun. And three books I read this month got a full five out of five from me!

Ready to see what I read and reviewed?

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July Reading Wrap Up

July 2018 Reading Wrap UpI love July! Those lazy, hazy days of summer start tantalizing me as the craziness of work and life slows down, and spending a day under the sun with a book is one of my favorite things.

All in all, July was quite the month of reading for me! I took the first week off for vacation and read over five books in that one week alone. Which is exactly what vacations are for, right? Resting, relaxing, and reading! After that, I still completed another five books, making this a record month. And I thoroughly enjoyed the vast majority of them, so July is really a win through and through as far as I’m concerned.

Let’s take a look at everything I read and reviewed now, shall we?

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June Reading Wrap Up

June 2018 Reading Wrap UpAh, June. It finally started warming up this month to feel like spring around here. Along with that, the craziness of May wound down and I was able to take time for myself and for reading. All in all, a great month!

Although every book I’ve reviewed this month was a review copy, I really enjoyed most of them, giving the majority a four out of five mugs. I also listened to two audiobooks this month just for fun and those reviews will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Ready to see the books?

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May Reading Wrap Up

May 2018 Reading Wrap UpMay is always a crazy month in my personal life, with both my wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday. There’s also always 17,384 walks, runs, dinners, and other types of fundraisers that I wind up going to. I keep telling my husband to stop being so nice to everyone so they stop inviting us everywhere! He’s an outgoing extrovert who just can’t help himself, though. What’s a wife to do?? Introvert that I am, I schedule in days or nights when I can just be at home and get cozy with a book! So, even amidst all the goings on, I still managed to read quite a few books this month!

I also spent some time this month updating the blog style and graphics. Since first starting this blog, I’ve changed the design a few times, but I think it’s finally at the point where it incorporates all the features I’ve been looking for and will not be changing again anytime soon! This is the first post in the new style, but I’ll be going back and updating older posts to match over the next few weeks. Or maybe months… I hadn’t realized I’ve posted over 200 times so far! What do you think of the new design? Let me know in the comments!

Anyway. I’m ready to talk about the books I read and reviewed this month now, how about you?

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April Reading Wrap Up

April 2018 Reading Wrap Up

April was a whirlwind! Between starting out with snowstorms, tons of social obligations, and all the reading, it went by in such a blur I can barely even remember what happened. I did enjoy reading a nice variety of genres, from science fiction and fantasy to contemporary. And I’m still working on finishing IT (*insert sigh here*), but I’m so close to completing it and can’t wait to move on.

Let’s see the list now, shall we?

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March Reading Wrap Up

March 2018 Reading Wrap Up

March was a great reading month for me! I read books in a wide variety of genres, from fantasy to contemporary to mystery and more. This month was a bit heavy on review copies for me, but I managed to fit in a few just for fun reads and books I’ve been looking forward to for some time now. Only one five star book this month, but that’s one better than February!

Ready to see the list?

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February Reading Wrap Up

February 2018 Reading Wrap Up

I don’t know about you, but February flew by for me! I’m on a roll with reading plenty, completing nine books again! Although most of them were enjoyable, none of them really stood out among the rest. What did stand out for me was my birthday! February is my birthday month and I always stretch the celebrating out over the entire month to pop some fun back into this otherwise dreary stretch of winter. For that, I’m sad to see February pass but I am looking forward to what the new month may bring!

Ready to see the list?

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January Reading Wrap Up

January 2018 Reading Wrap Up

January was a great month of books and reading! I managed to read nine books (a record for me), which were a good mix of review copies and books I’ve been excited to read for some time now. Starting the year out strong with two books I rated a full five out of five, I’m excited to see what the rest of 2018 has to bring!

Ready to see the list?

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December Reading Wrap Up

December 2018 Reading Wrap Up

This is my favorite season of the year (the Christmas season, that is, NOT winter!), and as always, December was a full month of celebrating the holidays with family and friends! Even still, I managed to read 8 books (one of which was a short story), so I’m calling it a win for reading as well. For the most part I stuck with the TBR I set for myself, but one book just didn’t work for me, and I received two advance copies that just demanded to be read immediately. One of my reading goals for 2018 is to finish the series that I started this year but have yet to complete! Someone please hold me accountable.

Ready to see the list?

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November Reading Wrap Up

November 2018 Reading Wrap Up

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this from the US! I hope you had a wonderful day of food, family, and friends and a great first weekend of the Christmas season. This is officially my favorite season of the year, so please allow me this excitement – my husband and I put up our Christmas tree, village, and outside lights this weekend and it just makes me SO happy!!!

Ahem. Onto the books.

November was a really good month of books and reading for me! I stayed on track with everything I planned on reading even amidst the planning, cooking, and cleaning involved in hosting a Thanksgiving meal and all the Christmas decorating. With two books I rated a five out of five coffee mugs (The Wife Between Us and a re-read of Murder on the Orient Express), and each of them with a rating of at least a three, it’s fair to say I enjoyed all of these books!

So let’s see the list now, shall we?

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