May Reading Wrap Up

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May seemed to both last forever and simultaneously spring by. It’s a big month in our house as it encompasses my wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday. Normally this means a lot of meals out for us, but this year things looked somewhat different. We still celebrated with some special meals but just enjoyed them at home instead.

This month was also excellent for my reading life! Three of the books I read were so good they made my favorites list, which has never happened before. Let’s just drop the mic there and move on to see the books.

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April Reading Wrap Up

In April I read exactly six books, and they were all the books I had planned on reading this month. Although I usually plan out the books I want to read for the next month, it practically never happens! Either library books come available or my mood takes me elsewhere. But this time, I stuck with my plan exactly.

I think my need for structure kicked in this month. Hubby, baby, and I began to find a routine that worked well (which will change again soon, I’m sure), but at the end of each day, I still couldn’t tell you what we all did. In setting a plan and sticking to it, I found that I could deal with the spontaneous better. And that seemed to bleed into my reading as well.

Overall, the books I read in April were excellent! I rated most a four, which means I found them to be very well done and would seriously consider re-reading at some point. Not bad, right?

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March Reading Wrap Up

March Reading Wrap Up

Well, March was certainly an interesting month. These past few weeks have brought quite a few changes to our current state of affairs. I live in an area that’s been hit particularly hard with COVID-19, with schools closing and moving to online learning mid-March and everything else but necessities following suit soon after. So we’ve been social distancing for a few weeks now.

And yet… my day to day life hasn’t changed much. I’ve been working from home since my maternity leave ended, and between working a few hours a day, time spent with baby and hubby, and the other daily things, I would only leave the house a few times a week. Now instead of going out for errands, we go for walks through our neighborhood and hubby arranges one day for the week when he runs out for groceries and other necessities. I have missed getting together with family and friends but at least now we have the technology to see each other virtually! Unfortunately, we do have friends and colleagues that have been personally affected in ways that I hope most people never have to go through, and my prayers are with everyone through this time.

In an effort to not get caught up in the news cycle and avoid spiraling into panic, I prefer to escape into a good book. So my reading went up this month. I completed all the books on my TBR for March, as well as a few additional books. And I wound up enjoying all of them!

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February Reading Wrap Up

February 2020 Wrap UpOh February, where did you go? Time seems to flex between slow motion and supersonic speed these days, with my entire life revolving around a tiny person and his ever changing routines. Some days seem to last forever… and others go by in the blink of an eye. And when the end of the month comes into view, I wonder, what have I actually done this month?

This month, I completed six books, one of which was an audiobook reread of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that I started back in November! As much as I love a good audiobook, I don’t think that format is working for me right now. Short form listening is the best I can do these days. But I did like all of the books I read and found a new favorite!

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January Reading Wrap Up

January 2020 Reading Wrap UpJanuary was a good month of reading for me. I completed five books, which is about average for me now. Some were fairly middling, but I rated three a four out of five, putting my average rating for the month at a 3.6. And two of the four star reads were from my list of books I’m excited to read in 2020! Not bad, right?

Starting this month, I’ve decided to add another section to these wrap ups. This new section will contain links of bookish articles from around the web that I personally enjoyed reading. I hope you like them too!

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